Managing My Estate

                    It’s never too early to consider your legacy. The surest way to provide for the financial and emotional well-being of your heirs and beneficiaries is through comprehensive planning. Your Raymond James advisor can help you navigate the process of speaking with family members, preparing the proper documents and choosing the right vehicles to effectively manage your affairs.

                    General Estate Planning

                    Estate planning provides you with greater control over the ways your wealth will provide for the loved ones, business associates or charitable organizations that mean the most to you. Your Raymond James advisor will help you consider the appropriate vehicles – wills, trusts, insurance and more – to manage tax implications and distribution methods. Estate planning ensures your wishes are carried out.*

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                    Family Conversations

                    As you make careful plans for how your wealth will pass to your heirs, it is important for everyone involved to clearly understand your wishes, as well as the process by which they will be carried out. Your Raymond James advisor can help you make sure everyone knows where to turn.

                    Document Preparation and Review

                    With so much to keep track of, it’s important to write things down. From important legal documents – a will, healthcare directives, even a list of accounts – to heartfelt communiques to loved ones, your Raymond James advisor can help you prepare and safeguard important documents to ease the stress on loved ones during a difficult time.

                    Trust Services

                    From minimizing estate taxes to providing detailed distribution instructions, a trust gives you a greater degree of control over your estate. Your Raymond James advisor can navigate the many types of available trusts, helping you select the vehicle that best suits your goals, needs and wishes.*

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                    Charitable Giving

                    Through the charitable organizations whose missions you hold dear, you have the capacity to touch many lives. Your Raymond James advisor can help you incorporate charitable giving into your wealth management plan, taking into account tax implications that allow your goodwill to do the most good.

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                    *Raymond James does not offer tax or legal advice. Please consult the appropriate professional before making any decision that may affect your tax or legal situation.

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