Institutional Investors

                    Expert insight. Extensive impact.

                    Raymond James Tax Credit Funds has the ability, expertise and flexibility to identify, assess and select outstanding affordable housing investment opportunities. With more than 100 fund offerings and over $9 billion of equity raised under Section 42 of the IRS code, our successful work in this highly specialized market is founded on conservative underwriting standards, industry expertise, deep developer relationships nationwide, and the presence and extensive resources of Raymond James.

                    Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Investments

                    Partnering with many top financial institutions, we help meet their investment goals under the CRA. Over the past decade, our team has syndicated more than $5 billion of CRA-specific allocations to its bank-based investors, and can structure CRA-related investments in both single and multi-investor funds.

                    Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program

                    Each state’s housing agency allocates tax credits based on a qualified application process. Real estate developers are awarded tax credits to build affordable housing communities, and private equity is used to acquire interests in these properties in exchange for a stream of tax benefits. LIHTC equity contributions enable the properties to operate with lower debt and rents than conventional apartments.

                    Some benefits of investing in LIHTC include:
                    ? Lowest default rate of all real-estate-related asset classes
                    ? Predictable 10- to 15-year benefit stream
                    ? Dollar-for-dollar tax credit benefits (also deductible against AMT)
                    ? High-impact socially responsible investment
                    ? Regulatory (CRA) credit for community development
                    ? Credits and passive losses can be carried back one year or forward up to 20 years

                    Institutional investment services

                    Commitment to clients. Devoted to service.

                    Raymond James Tax Credit Funds offers a full suite of services to aid our clients throughout the entire life cycle of an investment.

                    Property Sourcing
                    and Acquisitionsee content

                    Raymond James can tailor a plan to meet your investment goals, including selecting property in targeted areas within your Community Reinvestment Act footprint and potentially providing debt opportunities on deals.


                    James Horvick – Senior Vice President, Acquisitions and Institutional Investments

                    and Underwritingsee content

                    You’ll find experienced specialists at each phase of the property life cycle. The Feasibility and Underwriting teams are fully independent of our originations group and help ensure an objective evaluation for each project.

                    Knowledgeable feasibility teams analyze the viability of each project by reviewing detailed information on items including the market, capital structure, development plans and operating budgets, with a focus on real estate matters.

                    The underwriting team follows each project from the initial letter of intent through the final capital contribution. Focusing on deal execution, the team makes sure deal-specific issues are adequately addressed and all tax and legal requirements are properly met.


                    Sam Shupe – Senior Vice President, Director of Feasibility

                    Rick Cargo – Chief Operating Officer

                    Asset managementsee content

                    We are dedicated to delivering professional, responsible and comprehensive asset management services recognized by investors and developers alike as being among the very best in the business.

                    At Raymond James, we don’t simply work with uncompromising dedication, but also with thoughtful intention. That’s why our asset management, accounting and reporting functions are standalone, profitable operations – separate from our acquisitions and investment operations.

                    Our asset management group performs over the life of our existing funds, even in the absence of any new funds, and is capitalized with sustainable asset management to meet our long-term fiduciary obligations. With a state-of-the-art, proprietary IT platform, our asset managers can proactively focus on problem resolution instead of identification. The team is leveraged by our accounting team and system capabilities to provide quality data and to help spot performance trends early.


                    Brian Lynch – Senior Vice President, Portfolio Asset Management

                    Reporting Servicessee content

                    As a fiduciary, Raymond James focuses on timely investor reporting and generation of tax returns and audits. In that regard, we deliver timely information and tax documentation to our investor partners – without exception.

                    In 2017, 100% of K-1s and 100% of audits were delivered on or before their due dates.


                    Toni Matthews – Chief Financial Officer

                    Dispositionssee content

                    As each fund wraps up its 10-year tax credit delivery period, Raymond James will present several exit strategies to the investor in an effort to maximize the value delivered from the fund. We will then work with you to tailor a disposition strategy that meets your economic goals within your fund wrap-up timeline.


                    Jas Birk – Director of Dispositions


                    Syndicated more than $9 billion in equity


                    Sponsored 2,000+ properties, totaling over 100,000 units

                    Tax Credit Funds

                    100+ tax credit funds, serving 200,000+

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